Sandy Grey Masterpiece Bibs


Venice CA is one of a kind. It is a city that perfectly blends art, surf, skate and a mix of street cultures. From the ocean to the canals , the colors of The West Side gave us inspiration to create the Venice Collection. Enjoy the vibe!

The Masterpiece bib. When you forget about the concept of right or wrong and just go for it, amazing things happen!
It all started as a vision, crazy concept that some of our team members were a bit skeptical of. But we got on it! And we delivered! Gripperless construction combined with the very special fabrics from the finest mills in Italy and silicone infused on the inside to keep everything in place, delivers unmatched experience, it feels like you are wearing nothing, literally. But we didn't stop there, none of the existing chamois were to our liking, so we went and created our own. Using unique glueless bonding and 3D foam carving technologies we were able to deliver something that others can only dream about. Our proprietary HĒDO One chamois was designed with 6-8 hours rides in mind, and of course it will serve you just fine on your shorter rides. Our Masterpiece bib comes with 30 days Joy Guaranteed protection policy, if for some reason you are not happy with it, just let us know and we will refund your money, no questions asked!

*Please note, our bibs, just like the rest of our line, was created with our proprietary HĒDO True to Size cut. Just like the name suggests it will fit you like expected, no need to go a size up or down.

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