Welcome to the HĒDO world!

HĒDO is a premium cycling apparel brand born in Los Angeles, California.

The HĒDO brand is derived from the word Hedonism: the pursuit of pleasure and fun in everything one does.

It’s a world where friends get together to enjoy the moment and have fun, a world of camaraderie, support and great experiences, a world where everyone is welcome.

Cycling is perceived as an elite, unapproachable sport. Many existing brands do not make their most cutting-edge product available to recreational cyclists, reserving it for professional riders only.

The HĒDO approach is different. We use the most advanced fabrics available today delivering pro-level performance and designs offering unmatched comfort and fit. The end result: stylish, functional kits created for real people.

Join the ride and be HĒDO!

Roman Cantelearist- Chief Hedonist